How to Watermark a PDF in 5 Easy Steps

How to Watermark a PDF in 5 Easy Steps

Do you need to add a watermark to a PDF document? Perhaps you want to protect your copyright or prevent someone from copying the content. In any case, adding a watermark is a simple process that can be completed in a few steps! In this blog post, we will show you how to do it. Stay safe online and keep your content protected by adding a watermark today!

Why Is Watermark Used In PDF?

Everyone wants to know that their data is always safe and secure. Additionally, a PDF file can be watermarked to prevent misuse. To be doubly sure of data security, a user can apply a password to the PDF file too. Knowing the purpose of adding a watermark to a situation is essential. As a result, this section of the post will provide users with information on the subject.

  • Give that page copyright protection.
  • Allows monitoring to be broadcast.
  • Allow video authentication
  • Keep a record of the source

Text, an image, or a logo can all be used as a watermark. It is a mark that shows up on top of or beneath existing document content, like a stamp, text, or picture. You could, for example, apply a “Confidential” watermark to pages containing sensitive information. There is no limit to the number of watermarks you can add to one or more PDF files, but you must add them one after the other. You can specify which page or pages each watermark appears on.

Types of Watermarks on PDF

Before getting started, it’s necessary to understand the different types of watermarks that can be applied to a PDF file.

  • Text watermark: This type of watermark is simply text added to the PDF document. It could say “Confidential” or display a company logo or copyright information.
  • Background watermark: A background watermark appears behind the existing content on the page, rather than in front of it like a text watermark. It could be an image or a repeated pattern.
  • Stamp watermark: Like a paper stamp, this includes an image, text, or both. It typically has a distinctive shape and is placed on top of the existing content on the page. You could also add a file, like a watermark PDF, as a watermark to your PDF document. This type of watermark is often used in corporate offices or where there is an urgent need to add a watermark to a file.

Watermark Tool

After you’ve grasped the necessity of adding a watermark to PDF files, here is how to use the watermark tool for protected PDF files.

1. Open the PDF in a trusted PDF editor

2. Click on the “Watermark” tool, located under the “Protect” tab.

3. Choose whether you want to use an image or text as your watermark.

4. Customize the appearance of the watermark by adjusting its size, rotation, and position on the page.

5. Save and close the document to apply the watermark permanently to the PDF file.

And that’s it! Your PDF is now protected with a watermark and ready for distribution or sharing online. Be sure to always add a watermark when sharing sensitive or copyrighted material to prevent misuse and theft.

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