What should I consider if I need Long-Distance Car Towing Service?

What should I consider if I need Long-Distance Car Towing Service?

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the company that you choose does not charge by destination, distance, or time in general. In addition, you will also want to ask about how often they check on their vehicles and how many miles they drive in a day. Next, make sure that the company has a minimum driver age of 18 with at least 2 years of driving experience. 

Also, make sure that each driver has been checked for criminal records and driving history. Make sure you get personal background information on each driver and make sure to ask about their education. In addition, make sure your auto transport company offers a 24-hour customer service, roadside assistance, and insurance coverage.If a vehicle is stuck in the middle of an intersection, or if you’ve got a disaster on your hands and need to move your vehicle quickly away from traffic, grabbing a long-distance car towing service is great for many types of scenarios.

What other factors should I consider when looking for long-distance car transportation and towing services?

You will want to ask the company if they have a DOT number and if they are licensed. You should also ask if the company is bonded or insured by their insurers. Make sure you get the background information on the owner, manager, and drivers. Lastly, you also want to look at the price of every job done as well as how many additional miles each tow truck driver drives each day. In addition, make sure you get a free tow truck quote via phone and free car transport quotes too before choosing a company as your auto transport service provider.

How can I make sure that my car will be towed safely?

If possible, you should make sure that the tow truck driver gives you a phone number in case you need to call for help. In addition, the driver should be insured and licensed with everything (including an insurance certificate to prove it), so make sure he or she doesn’t lose your equipment after it is loaded in their truck. Lastly, make sure that the owner of the company has previous experience when dealing with cars like yours and knows how to properly handle them.

What is the procedure for getting my car towed?

Most companies will offer free towing quotes via phone, email and over the Internet. Once you have a few quotes, you should consider insurance coverage, price of the final bill (in general), company’s reputation and available service mile radius. Then, once you decided on whom you are going to use as your auto transport company, you need to make sure that they also provide impound service if necessary and that they also offer vehicle storage options if necessary. In addition, most companies have flat rate pricing for all vehicles that are 9 feet or smaller in width (this includes SUVs). 

What type of long-distance car shipping companies do you recommend?

1. Auto Transport Company: Let’s say you have decided that the auto transport company that is willing to pick up your vehicle is over 300 miles away. In addition, the common rule for auto transport companies says that the mileage of each truck driver must not exceed 25% of the average distance between cities and towns where they are going to pick up the vehicles. Most of them will have a flat rate pricing between $100 to $500 which means that you can get your car shipped for an additional $150 from anywhere in US at a distance over 100 miles from your location.

2. Next Day Air / Two Day: Most companies which are actually going to pick up your vehicle will want to pick it up on the next day of your order or two days after you order it if the truck driver arrives in between those two dates. However, some companies may need more time to complete the job as it depends on how far away they are from your location and how long they take to get to every destination. In addition, most companies also have flat rate pricing which is between $100 and $150 for every job done depending on the distance from their location.

3 . Local / Door-to-Door: If you are going to your local terminal and are picking up your vehicle there, make sure that you go the day before your pick up time. In addition, if you can drive the vehicle to the terminal yourself, it will be faster and easier for them to finish doing the paperwork while they have their driver waiting outside. However, if you cannot drive yourselves, then schedule a pickup with them at least a few days ahead of time.

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